Cutting edge self-service interactive kiosk technology

I-Kiosk is a dynamic and result-oriented team that delivers touch screen kiosk solutions to businesses, which strive to create value by deploying interactive kiosks, touch screen kiosks and self-service terminals as an exciting alternative for innovative information delivery.

I-Kiosk offers a range of touch screen internet kiosks, touch screen information kiosks, multimedia kiosks and touch screen interactive kiosks, simply called by us i-kiosks.

Our customers deploy i-kiosks to deliver information, provide unsupervised internet access, act as interactive displays, product finders, registration points and many other exciting kiosk applications.

I-Kiosk’s team of kiosk designers gave our i-kiosks sleek modern looks and a wide choice of colours, so kiosks are easy to integrate into any existing surroundings and can be adapted to suit your specific business needs.

Our kiosk software developers have come up with the best-of-breed remote management kiosk software that’s been developed over a decade and can be modified to meet your specific requirements. This remote kiosk management software allows remote monitoring of kiosks from a location of your choice, hassle-free kiosk management and collection of user information.

I-Kiosk aims to deliver high-quality kiosk solutions, and pride ourselves in rapid and effective implementation of predetermined tangible benefits.

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