Although we take a great pride in our main-stream CoolTouch kiosk models, we appreciate that everyone’s kiosk requirements are different and therefore we offer bespoke kiosk design and manufacture service.

To ensure that we deliver the best possible kiosk solution, our in-house bespoke kiosk design team will create a customised kiosk for any application, while our software engineers develop customised kiosk software application to suit your particular needs and requirements.

Please call us at I-KIOSK to discuss your custom-designed kiosk ideas – we will be happy to be of service from the earliest stages of kiosk concept design through to the development and manufacturing.

Here are just a few examples of touch screen interactive kiosks and applications that we have designed and custom-built for our clients:

CoolTouch Table – a table-top kiosk for cafe’s and restaurants  more…

Photo e-mail – kiosk application to send photos & images from kiosks

Music box kiosk – Entertainment kiosk provided an efficient and flexible way to deliver music and act as jukebox, and took advantage of all the financial benefits associated to it

Personal webpage design point – kiosk that offers fast and simple website design service to users

CoolTouch Wall – telephone, printer and interactive kiosk in one, can be wall-mounted or freestanding

Virtual tour point – real estate company’s property browsing kiosk that offers virtual tours & plans functionality, mortgage quotations and other relevant information for buyers

Car dealership information kiosk – continuously updated kiosks allow customers to browse the automotive company’s web-site, get information on their vehicles, order new car parts, etc.

Live and on-demand interactive learning – Kiosks allow implementing enterprise-level training of staff and a specific training in different locations with a powerful means of increasing employees knowledge while keeping training costs low.

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